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Saint Paul Early Education, Inc. was incorporated in the United States in September, 2016. The founder Dr. Shafqat Hayat and his wife, Mrs. Kanwal Shafqat Hayat have a broad vision of establishing an educational institution for the welfare of all communities. Their main objective is to provide quality education to everyone without any discrimination and to contribute to the society with enriched human resources. The school management firmly stands to honor the commitment that “Education is for Everyone”. Dr. Shafqat Hayat found a purpose to serve God’s people through education. It was God’s calling in his life to educate communities to “Glorify the Name of God”. Just as Paul the Apostle carried Jesus’ teachings and preached Christianity in the world, Saint Paul Early Education, Inc. carries a mission rooted in Christian values, and is committed to enlighten individuals by reinvigorating schooling. The school is established with a missionary spirit, devotion to God, and enthusiasm for a noble cause. Saint Paul Early Education, Inc. welcomes families and children from all religions, cultures, backgrounds, and denominations.


Saint Paul Early Education, Inc. is fully licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care for children ages 15 months to 7 years old.  Our school offers a half-day program. We offer a Sunrise morning session from 8 am to 12pm (4 hours) and Full Day session 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. We provide low teacher/child ratios (1:5) in different sets of classrooms and we compliment our center with a dedicated indoor play area. Saint Paul Early Education, Inc. focuses on the Bronfenbrenner Socio Ecological Model, which is a framework to understand dynamic interrelations among personal and environmental factors. In the social ecological model, “microsystem” is the most influential factor that involves direct interaction between individuals and their environment.  In a child’s “microsystem”, the most involving individuals are parents, teachers, and their family members, while their immediate environment other than home is school. Accordingly, Saint Paul Early Education, Inc. aims to focus on the child’s microsystem by engaging teachers, parents, peers, and families for the best interest of the child. Our school strategy is to involve parents in curriculum suggestions, social/spiritual activities, and welcoming them to engage in school educational plans. Teachers are encouraged to participate actively with parents in planning curriculum, classroom supplies, and activities.


Our preschool staff is highly educated, motivated, qualified and skilled in developing emotional, social and educational skills to young children. We educate our children with an emphasis on a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum. This curriculum is important to expose children early for a future economy, which will be heavily based on STEM know-how. School is an established platform, which provides creative, informative, experimental, and an advanced environment to children that is friendly, social, safe, and enjoyable.

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